Tuesday, September 26, 2023

IT/Infrastructure Services

Linux Server Administration

Our Linux Server Administration service includes all kind of physical and cloud servers installation, configuration, management & maintenance services.

Server Security

Our service include server-side security at operating system and service level empowered by the configuration of OS and cloud firewalls for maximum basic security.

Regular Data Backup

For all of the precious data that is on the servers, we provide regular data backup with our own solution that are effective and secure.

Disaster Recovery

We are able to provide plan and implementation services on disaster recovery to ensure our customer's online services are up and running all the time.

Infrastructure Planning & Implementation

We are very much experienced in future-ready infrastructure & network planning that will be able to handle high-load of traffic.

Service Level Agreement

We also provide Service Level Agreement(SLA) on all the services we provide.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Our NOC Team is able to monitor system performance, network performance and services on the servers of our customers' servers and network devices 24/7 and report immediately if there is any issue.

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