Computer Sales & Service Center

We provide the following Computer Services as in-house or outdoor services.

  • Computer Sales
    • New ready-to-use desktops or laptops
    • Computer Accessories
    • Other peripherals like Printers, UPS, Webcams & Microphones, etc.,
  • Laptop & Desktops Servicing
    • OS Installation Services (Windows, Linux, MacOS)
    • Computer System Maintenance
    • Hardware upgrade, repair and replacements
    • Virus Cleaning
    • Laptop parts replacements like Keyboard, LCD, Battery, Motherboard
    • Software & Game Installation Services
  • Network Devices (Routers, Switches, NAS, CCTV, etc.,)
    • Installation & Configuration of new network devices
    • Configuration of existing network devices
    • Check up and maintenance services
    • CCTV Installation services
  • Other peripherals
    • HDD or SSD recovery services
    • File & Printer sharing services

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