Cyber Security Services

24/7 Security Monitoring

With our professional cyber security experts, our SOC members are able to monitor 24/7 security events on your physical & cloud servers, network infrastructures, applications and services.

Security Incident Handling

When there is any security incident, our SOC team is able to handle security incidents and take action according to the severity and impact. And also create detailed reports and root cause analysis.

Vulnerability Assessment

On all the monitored assets, our SOC members will be scanning for any vulnerability that is relevant in any way and make assessment reports and remediation plans.

End-Point Security

With our strategic end-point security solution, any physical or cloud servers, network devices, laptops and desktops and even mobile devices will be protected for any cyber security incidents.

Data Protection

Our data protection solution ensures for the data privacy, availability and integrity of all the data within our scope of service.

Security Strategy Planning

We are also able to provide security strategy planning to develop maturity of security environment and evolve it step by step.


We are able to provide Service Level Agreement (SLA) on all the cyber security services we provide. And also, with all of our professionals, we are eager to meet the KPI defined by our customers.

Security Awareness

For all the employees and important person of your business, we are able to provide Cyber Security Awareness sessions to uplift security awareness mindset at user level.

Reporting & Catch-Up Meetings

For all of our cyber security services, we are able to provide detailed reporting or catch-up meetings in weekly, monthly and yearly bias for better understanding of what is happening to our customer's IT environment.

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